Piano Lessons in Concord, NH

We coach busy kids on the piano and make learning fun by helping them make quick progress and see clear results.

“My son has been taking lessons for over a year now and he has grown so much. We have been to several other studios for piano lessons and none of them compare to the excellent experience at Prodigy Piano. Amy is caring and knowledgeable, she has a true love for teaching and playing. We looked for a long time by trial and error in the Concord area and this is where I would recommend over all others.”  -Alicia

“I have seen such a change in Evelyn since she has started taking lessons from you. Her confidence continues to build and she has shown major improvement in homeschool 🙂 You have such a great handle on how children build confidence and knowledge through learning to do the work themselves. I think your method of teaching children to play is very smart and it definitely gets results!” -Hannah

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