Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), the German-born composer and virtuoso pianist, is especially known for his four symphonies, two piano concertos, German Requiem, and Variations on a Theme of Haydn, all of which are considered masterpieces.  He was also especially fond of chamber music, and wrote extensively for small ensembles with and without piano.  Even after attaining financial success, he lived a very simple lifestyle, though he was a perfectionist in his music, which honored the traditional classical forms yet was innovative in its enriched harmony and irregularities of rhythm and phrase.  In order to make his music accessible to the public, he arranged many of his works, including his symphonies, for two pianos.  The Sonata in F minor is the two-piano version of his famous Quintet for piano with string quartet.  The full piece takes nearly an hour to perform.  Tonight’s performance features the final two movements.

Performance of Brahms Piano Sonata in F Minor for 2 pianos, 4 hands with Kara Comparetto at the Concord Community Music School on October 14th 2013