Tyler Watt


Tyler came back from his summer vacation this year fired up and ready to go! He practiced during the summer, when he could (who does that??), and even played Happy Birthday for me a few days after my birthday!

Tyler does a really great job adding character to the music he plays. In this video, he performed Dungeon Run by Daniel McFarlane, and I think he really tapped into the medieval nature of this piece (while still adding his “boy” touch!).



Becca Holton


Becca has really impressed me in the last year. She nearly doubled her practice time, and doubled the efficiency of her practice too. This has resulted in amazing results in her playing, and has made her enjoy practicing also.

I think one thing that has really helped Becca is the shift of her focus from notes to playing musically. Notes are just notes. They’re boring,

In this video Becca performed Chanson by Nancy Faber for the camera.