Piano Lessons for Kids and Teens

To me one of the most fascinating things about teaching kids is seeing how well their brains can absorb, memorize, and retain new concepts. The closer kids get to adulthood the more they start to overthink everything, and that’s when their ability to learn the musical language will start to slow down. But before they’ve reached the age of abstract thought, their brains are wired for fast and intense learning. This isn’t to say that teenagers who are just beginning piano lessons can’t become good musicians. On the contrary, I’ve known many great musicians who didn’t start until they were twelve or older! But teenagers who have a solid music foundation because they started when they were younger will be much more likely to stay motivated and stick with it.


One of the things that sets my studio apart from others is the curriculum I use. I use the Piano Pronto method books, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen. Ever since I switched my studio over to this method, my students of all ages won’t stop telling me how much they love their music! They are reading music with much more ease, they’re practicing more, they’re progressing faster, and most importantly, they’re having fun. And when they’re having fun, they will retain their knowledge.

Click here to read further about the curriculum I’ve chosen, and here to read raving reviews about the method.


Of course, there’s nothing like an upcoming concert to get kids working hard at the piano. Several times a year, I hold a mini-recital at a retirement home in Concord and kids can sign up to play a couple of their polished pieces. At Christmastime, students perform at a local retirement home, and this past summer, we had a recital at Beech Hill Farm. The farm gave all the kids a free ice cream cone after the performance!

Every year in May, I hold a recital for all my students at the Concord Community Music School. It’s a great way to end the academic year and see the results of all their hard work.

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