Everyone knows the benefits of music lessons. Countless studies have shown their positive effects on the brain, IQ scores, improved academic scores, motor skills, creativity — the list goes on and on.

What you may not realize is how quickly you’ll see the benefits with your own child. At Prodigy Piano, students leave their very first lesson already knowing how to read and play 2-3 songs, and after that they’re plowing through the beginning levels at lightning speed.


It’s very important to me that my students can learn their pieces by themselves, without needing help from the teacher. I don’t want them to be dependent on me because I want them to not only be able to learn the songs I’ve assigned them, but also have the desire to explore other music on their own.

My students are independent learners. My unique system allows students to learn their pieces at the lesson, so they never go home feeling lost. Instead, they are eager to play the piano (not just practice) at home during the week because they feel like they’ve already aced their songs, which is making students at Prodigy Piano progress incredibly fast.

“She thinks outside the box and steers away from old fashioned methods, keeping Sophie’s interest and making learning FUN! At home, Sophie is proud to show off her talent to her friends and family and I thank Miss Amy for inspiring that in her!”  -Michelle

“Lily has been with Amy for 4 years. She is now more focused and confident and playing harder pieces. Lily enjoys taking piano lessons from Amy and seems interested and happy to continue for many more years!”  -Amy

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