Fun, Easy Piano Lessons That Kids Love!

Everyone knows the benefits of music lessons. Countless studies have shown their positive effects on the brain, IQ scores, improved academic scores, motor skills, creativity — the list goes on and on.

Why then, doesn’t every parent want to put their child in music lessons? What are they worried about?

I’ve discovered some of the biggest issues parents have, AND how you can work through them!

Changing the Practice Mindset from “Homework” to “Reward”

My unique teaching method allows students learn their songs at the lesson, so they never go home feeling lost. Instead, they are eager to play the piano (not just practice).

From the very beginning, kids are reading and learning their new songs with ease. This boosts their confidence, which causes students to have the desire to practice and explore on their own at home!

I recently emailed a student’s mom to tell her what great progress her daughter is making, and to tell her she must have a great method for motivating her at home. This was her response:

“A is really great about practicing, we don’t usually need to ask her, which is AWESOME. Whatever you’re doing to encourage her enthusiasm, it’s working, so thank you!”

These are the things my students’ parents are saying to me every day.


What’s the Real Reason Kids Should Take Piano Lessons?

Music makes people happy. No one would say that’s not true!

Have you ever watched someone playing an instrument and wished you could do what they’re doing? There’s no argument — having the ability to play music makes everyone jealous!

Because of their self-motivation, quick progress, and many performance opportunities, my students enjoy showing their talents to other people. Their parents often tell me that they’re playing for friends and family all the time without being asked.

This is so important. Music is a powerful way to connect with others, and these shared experiences inspire and motivate my students to keep learning.

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