My daughter Rebecca started piano lessons with Amy just about 5 years ago. Amy has an amazing personality and an incredible passion for music that is very contagious for her students. My daughter has gone from just “plunking” notes out to being able to play challenging pieces musically! Amy holds recitals yearly for her students, as well as having her students play with her at various places such as retirement communities. She has a strong set of morals and values that she passes on to her students. It has been an amazing process to watch my daughter grow under Amy’s instruction!

Sted Holton, June 2016

My daughter, Sophie, has been taking piano lessons from Miss Amy for about 4 years or so and I continue to be impressed with all of the learning tools Amy uses to inspire, motivate and teach her love of music to her students! She thinks outside the box and steers away from old fashioned methods, keeping Sophie’s interest and making learning FUN! Amy holds Sophie accountable for practicing and doing her best each lesson, but does so in a way that isn’t intimidating or daunting, but rewarding. I am amazed how quickly Sophie has become comfortable and skilled on the piano. At home, Sophie is proud to show off her talent to her friends and family and I thank Miss Amy for inspiring that in her!

Our daughter Mary started piano lessons with Miss Amy when she was three years old. From that first lesson to her weekly lessons now, more than three years later, she still loves every minute. From the games, to the sticker charts, to the little treat she receives after a lesson well-done, Amy combines it all to create an environment where music becomes engaging, accessible and fun! It has given Mary the foundation to enjoy music for a lifetime. And it’s always thrilling to see your three-year-old playing Beethoven!

Michael and Maria Gilbert, April 2016

Amy has been my daughter’s piano teacher for two years.  She has built a terrific rapport with my very shy daughter while at the same times having very high standards.  She also knows how to make new concepts understandable and breaks up hard songs into smaller, easier to learn pieces.  My daughter will practice more because she does not want to disappoint Amy and she knows that if a song isn’t up to Amy’s standards then we will just get it assigned again another week.  Amy has high expectations from her students but gives them the tools, confidence, and desire to meet them.

Adam Lesser, April 2016

Lily has enjoyed playing piano for Amy for over 4 years now. She is now more focused and confident and playing harder pieces.  Amy is always trying to help her to get better and keep her interest by creating themes and playing games with her students. She is a really talented woman both as a musician and a teacher, and we enjoy the example that she shows her students, when performing and teaching. Lily enjoys taking piano lessons from her and seems interested and happy to continue for many more years! I would recommend Amy for young children, teenagers, and adults too! She seems to have the patience for all 3!

Amy Bairstow, October 2015

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